Inspirational. Authentic. Smart. Heartfelt.    

We truly believe those words exemplify our craft. From 15-second ads to 15-minute corporate documentaries (and everything in between), storytelling drives us to produce narratives that create real human connections with every viewer.
We believe in collaboration. We believe that our clients should be treated like a creative partner throughout the life of the project and beyond. We believe in taking a journalistic approach to discover your story. We believe that all the principals, methods, ideas, tricks, and tools that we learned over the years empower us with the expertise to craft any story.
– Justin and Roby


The key to every Lucid production is fluid collaboration and productive ideation to get to the heart of the message.


Planning, scheduling and scripting – experience to think of just about everything before the shooting begins.


The execution to bring an idea together beyond expectation. Every clip is reviewed, no stone left unturned. Every decision is carefully considered.  Sound, color, and titles are polished to perfection.


The experience to prepare and adapt for any shoot. Experience has made us agile in any shooting situation, while always being artistically motivated to capture awe-inspiring visuals and audio.

At the Helm of Every Lucid Video

Creative Producer
Creative Director